Crystal Starshine Fire Fox

Crystal Starshine 
               Fire Fox 

Youniquely Woman Retreats

Mama's Home!! The Goddess is returning and women are reclaiming their power, returning to their own sacred purpose and fueling the fires of others.

Come let us gather, let us return to the ways of the old, let us circle, dance, sing and rejoice that we are Woman. It is through the gathering and circling of women that we open up a portal to remembering and it is times such as these that we awaken.

Dive Deeply with us into Women's Mysteries and learn from some of today's most inspiring Women, Priestesses, Shamans, Herbalists and temple dancers.

This is a women's only retreat so that we can be free to heal, be wild and be in our purest forms.


You were wild once,

you were free to be a woman without being tamed,

you were free to laugh and dance and sing in circle with other women

and today you are free again.

Crystal Starshine

Are you Ready to make connections and share Sacred Sisterhood

Then grab your spot now, they won't last long!

Single Bed Shared Room
Full Payment Option

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Reservations will end on June 9th.


This year we will be 1.5 hours North of Atlanta in a secluded cabin alongside a creek. Directions will be given prior to the event via private email and in our private Facebook group so that our location is secure. 

Your stay includes:
* Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner 
* Rituals
* Sisterhood
* Memories to last a lifetime
* Daily Classes and Workshops
* Access to a Private Facebook Group
* Access to creek and Tubes


Goddess Women and Sisters, are you ready to experience sisterhood and workshops from some of today's leaders in Women's Empowerment? Then step into the bliss and join us for a long weekend of magic and sisterhood in the Appalachian Mountains.

The most beneficial learning comes from face to face interactions and participating in rituals and teachings in person, from my experience. Below are some of the faces you will see teaching this year. 



2-5pm ~ Arrival, Check in and settling in to our new surroundings

6-7pm ~ Dinner

8-10pm ~ Welcoming Ceremony


8-9am ~ Breakfast

10am-12pm ~  Goddess Activation Experience with Gypsy Jean

12-1pm ~ Lunch

3-5pm ~ Coming home to self, learning to discern our sovereign wholeness with Deeann Bruno

6-7pm ~ Dinner

8-10 ~ Shamanic Breathwork with Crystal


8-9am ~ Breakfast

10a-12pm ~ Dance with Your Inner Goddess - Inanna Chakra Dance With Mary Olson

12-1pm ~ Lunch

2-4pm ~  Rite of the Warrior Queen with Lithia Brigan

6-7pm ~ Dinner

8-Midnight ~ Midsummer Ritual, Dancing, and Merriment


8-9am ~ Breakfast

9-10 Closing Ceremony

10-11am Cleanup and Departure


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