Crystal Starshine Fire Fox

Crystal Starshine 
               Fire Fox 


June 2017 Presenters

Hello beautiful, sacred, women! I am Crystal your host for the Youniquely Woman retreats, I am founder and High Priestess of the Goddess Temple of Venus Rising and of The Sisterhood of the Trees in North Georgia. The Sisterhood is a women only tribe which empowers women to discover the Goddess within and without and focuses on Earth based spirituality through honoring the changing seasons. The Sisterhood will be doing both the opening and closing ceremonies and the main ritual Saturday night. The Priestesses of the Goddess Temple will for be there to assist you upon your journey at the retreat. 

I also will be leading you through a Shamanic Breathwork experience.  Shamanic Breathwork™ is a powerful healing process that insprires individuals to remember and connect with their own inner healer. As old wounds and dysfunctional patterns are released and transformed, individuals begin to regain lost soul parts and remember the magic of who they truly are.
This process is highly experiential and the wisdom and healing gained comes from each individuals inner experience. The experience blends and honors the timeless wisdom of ancient traditions and merges them with the new paradigm methods of healing and teaching.

We look forward to empowering you to remember why you have returned.


Gypsy Jean 
A Certified Women's Circle Leader, Master Herbalist, Green Witch, Initiated Dianic Witch, Oracle, sha mystic, Animal Totem Guide, Certified Crystal Healer, Hypnotherapist, Tarot Reader, Red Tent Officiant, star gazer and sun worshipper. 
She lives on a small farm in Southern Utah and is High Priestess of the Utah Goddess Temple. Gypsy also founded and hosts the Magic on the Mountain Women's Spirituality Retreat series. 
Her passion is empowering women! 

Goddess Activation Experience
Come on a journey with me into the very core of your essence. Dive deep through the layers of doubts, insecurities and fears that you have been hiding beneath or ignoring and activate your wild woman! The Goddess Artemis is explosive! She will give you strength, endurance and keen eyesight to be able to tackle all of those layers. She will help you to release your arrow with confidence and hit your target of what it is you are wanting more of. 
​Artemis wants you to put on your war paint, leather and feathers. Strap on that bow and arrow and run wild in her wilderness. She wants you to discover that you are not alone, you have sisters surrounding you. She wants you know that there is power in the uncomfortable. I invite you ladies to run with me, dance wild with me and howl with me as we go on a meditative journey to meet Artemis face to face.
This experience will consist of legend, myth and stories of Artemis.
*Hands on crafting - wild woman headbands
*Activation Meditation

Lithia Brigan
An educator, folk artist, and hereditary witch in the European matrilineal tradition. As a Dianic Priestess, she facilitates circles for women and girls that focus on Women’s Mysteries and the activation of personal power through hands-on projects and embodied, kinetic experiences. She founded and directs the Red Tent at Lost Forest Lodge, the Wicked Sisterhood of Wildheart Grove, and Witches Rising, an online community rooted in raising consciousness and feminist activism.

Rite of the Warrior Queen

 Did you know that all women have super-powers? These powers are your birthrite, handed down to you through your mother’s line across time immemorial—all the way back to the womb of the Cosmos Herself. You are a not merely a reflection of divinity, but Divinity itself rendered from stardust into fierce female form. These powers are not intended to hold dominion over, but rather emanate from within to radiate out in support of all that is real and true and holy in the world. In this hands-on workshop and ritual, we will invoke the great Warrior Queens of history and legend, lay claim to our sacred tools, and step into our personal power to achieve our full potential in all aspects of life.

Mary Olson

Although Mary Olson has been dancing for only 8 years, her spirit has been dancing much, much longer!  Mary has been trained in several forms of dance, including Egyptian/Cabaret, American Tribal Style (ATS), Gypsy Caravan Tribal and Tribal Fusion styles of belly dance.  She enjoys fusing belly dance with other dance genres, such as jazz, hip-hop and West African. Her passion for dance and her work with energy channeling led her to found the Dance with Your Inner Goddess studio, whose offerings include Inanna Chakra Dance, designed to help everyone connect with their inner goddesses and energize their chakras through graceful and powerful movements.  Mary is also one of the first certified Tribal Grooves instructors in the United States.  Tribal Grooves was created by Paulette Rees-Denis and uses Gypsy Caravan belly dance movements to activate your body, mind and spirit. Mary is also a certified Reiki Master.

Dance with Your Inner Goddess - Inanna Chakra Dance

Inanna Chakra Dance combines basic movements of tribal dance from around the world with energy work and is designed to honor your inner goddess through dance.  Using these movement combinations along with energy work, you will energize your soul, open and align your chakras and engage your personal power.

Chakras are energy centers within and around the body through which the energy of the universe flows. Misaligned or blocked chakras hamper the flow of energy and can often lead to illness.  Inanna Chakra Dance is a fun, creative way to ignite your chakras and keep their energy flowing.

Join instructor, Mary Olson, for Rainbow Rhythm – A Journey through the Chakras. We’ll open with a moving meditation to center and ground your intentions.  We’ll then focus on combinations of movements to encourage energy flow throughout your body and dance through the 7 main chakras.

Wear loose comfortable clothing – yoga pants, shorts, skirts, etc.  Be prepared to laugh, sweat and move your hips!

Everyone has the power of rhythm in them!  Tap into this power and reenergize yourself with Inanna Chakra Dance!

Deeann Bruno

Of SandyRose Productions ( offering products and services to help you bloom. Deeann was ordained in 2004 as a Dianic Priestess and in 2016 was ordained as a Tribal High Priestess by Lady Jesamyn Angelica. Deeann’s vocational mission is to teach, guide, and coach women toward the life they want to live. She also provides Reiki healings and serves in ritual space, especially on pilgrimage to sacred sites. Deeann currently circles with Sisterhood of the Moon, takes classes with Temple of Diana and attends a PhD program at Sofia University (Institute for Transpersonal Psychology).

Coming home to self, learning to discern our sovereign wholeness

As women we are conditioned to be healers for others, and mothering is what is expected of us. How do we treat our bodies, as well as our emotional needs and wants? How are our intellectual, creative, community, and spiritual needs met? In this workshop we will explore these questions, learning together to discern our sovereign wholeness from the socially constructed messages we have been handed as women.