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Policies & Procedures

Private Services

Telephone Sessions

All telephone sessions are done through a conferencing line. The phone number and access code will be provided 24 hrs. before the scheduled session and only if payment has been received via PayPal. All Sessions are confidential and can be recorded for an additional fee.

Please avoid calling while driving, at work, while shopping, or any noisy location. Placing the call in a quiet and peaceful location will help both psychic and client have a fluid connection.


Missed or Late Appointments


It is the client’s responsibility to check time zone times in relation to my time, which is Eastern Time and to call at the appointment time. Clients that forget about appointments or call after more than 10 minutes after their appointed time will not be allowed to make up or reschedule their appointment and no refunds will be given.


Rescheduling or Canceling Appointments


Starshine Healing LLC and Crystal Starshine have a strict 24 hour rescheduling/cancellation policy as follows:

If you have paid for your session and need to reschedule please do so within 24 hours by email to so that we can adjust your appointment. If you fail to cancel or reschedule your appointment please understand that Starshine Healing LLC for no reason will refund your session fee.

If you have not yet made your payment please make sure to cancel your appointment from your confirmation email.




All psychic and life coaching sessions have a no refund policy. Please make sure you are ready and willing to receive guidance before you book an appointment/s.


Starshine Healing LLC – Starshine Healing Academy

Terms, Conditions, Policies, and Procedures

General Terms and Conditions

Terms of Use: This website is owned and operated by staff of Starshine Healing LLC. By using this site you are bound by the Terms, Conditions, Policies, and Procedures. These terms apply to any and all aspects of this site and Starshine Healing Academy. At any time these terms and conditions can be changed or altered. When changes are made all Starshine Healing LLC affiliates will be notified the changes in terms.

Property Rights Reserved:

Starshine Healing LLC has the rights to all information contained on this website. You may not distribute, modify, transmit, and reuse the content found on this site. If so desired for marketing or other purposes, contact the staff at Starshine Healing LLC for consent. Unauthorized use of trademarks, logos, images, or text from this site, may violate state and federal law, and is strictly prohibited. Whenever this intellectual and property rights policy is violated Starshine Healing LLC will follow with legal action.

Starshine Healing Academy Policies and Procedures

General Information

At Starshine Healing LLC, we believe that everyone has the right and the ability to gain ethical knowledge to conduct Reiki sessions, psychic readings, and life coaching sessions. Each student will be given a code of ethics to follow to provide the highest quality of ethics throughout their business.

Obtaining a certification with Starshine Healing LLC-Starshine Healing Academy shows to future and potential clients that you are a professional who has invested time and energy into fine tuning your craft.

Through the accreditation of the World Metaphysical Association, each certification course has the authority and legitimacy to supply certifications to students. Legitimacy of Certifications can be acquired by email to the Starshine Healing LLC.

Certifications and Certification Requirements

Currently here are the classes the Starshine Healing Academy offers: Reiki Attunements/Certifications, Certified Psychic Training, and Inspirational Life Coach Training.

Requirements for Reiki Attunements/Certifications

  1. Payment(s) through PayPal
  2. Past certificates of Reiki 1, Reiki 2, or Reiki Master if applicable

Requirements for Certified Psychic Training

  1. Confirmation of payment(s) through PayPal
  2. Attend and Listen to all Live or Recorded Classes (12 classes)
  3. Turn in all assigned homework
  4. Practice all techniques throughout each segment
  5. Complete three certification readings
  6. Become an Ordained Minister

Requirements for Inspirational Life Coach Training

  1. Confirmation of payment(s) through PayPal
  2. Complete all required reading
  3. Attend and Listen to all Live or Recorded Classes (12 classes)
  4. Meet with your “client” for one hour every week starting on Week Two
  5. Meet with your “coach” for one hour every week starting on Week Two
  6. Turn in assignments/homework given during Live/Recorded Classes
  7. Certification Process: Successfully completing being a coach and client throughout the duration of the course. Plus an assignment to propel your business.

Be aware that any and all certifications obtained by the Starshine Healing LLC may not be recognized by other academies, schools, or institutes.

Code of Ethics and Association with Starshine Healing LLC – Starshine Healing Academy

Through the courses offered at the Starshine Healing Academy, each student is given a Code of Ethics to sign prior to graduating each course. If there is any violation to these ethical standards by Starshine Healing LLC – Starshine Healing Academy then there will be an investigation of the violation. This investigation is a collection of information gathered about the violation and a consultation with Crystal Starshine about these violations. From that conversation there will be discussion whether or not to be affiliated with one another.

This protects not only Starshine Healing LLC but also the students, alumni, affiliates, and all other parties involved with the Starshine Healing LLC.

Limitations of Liability:

Affiliates of the Starshine Healing LLC-Starshine Healing Academy total liability, relating to any purchases governed by these terms and conditions, from the use of goods furnished or from any advice, information or assistance provided by Starshine Healing LLC-Starshine Healing Academy (by any method including social media and websites), is limited to the price of the good giving rise to the claim. Neither the Starshine Healing Academy-Starshine Healing LLC or its staff and faculty shall be liable under any circumstances for any special, incidental, direct, consequential or penal damages (including, but not limited to labor costs, loss of profits or revenues, loss of use of the goods or any associated goods, cost of capital, cost substitute goods, facilities or services, downtime, or claims from buyer’s customers or other parties). If further advice or other assistance which concerns any goods supplies hereunder, and which is not required pursuant to these terms and conditions, the furnishing of such advice or assistance will not subject Starshine Healing LLC to any liability, whether based on contract, warranty, tort (including negligence) or other grounds. By taking any information given by the Starshine Healing LLC- Starshine Healing Academy without written consent, is subject to be sued for the value of the information and any profits the affiliate of the Starshine Healing LLC- Starshine Healing Academy makes from that information.

Refunds, Payment and Drop-Out Policy:

Here at Starshine Healing LLC and Starshine Healing Academy we strive to make the classes accessible to everyone from all walks of life. To ensure this policy for future students, be 100% sure that you are committed to taking any of the courses offered.  There are NO Refunds on classes, coaching, readings, etc. So before committing to the class financially, be sure you understand and agree to this No Refund Policy. You automatically agree when submitting your payment through PayPal.

In the case when a student has invested in a course and is unable to attend the course, contact Crystal ( or her Angel Team ( to let them know what is going on and discuss attending a future course. Or if the student has no interest in taking the course, you may sponsor or "gift" your spot to a future student.

If you commit to a payment plan please understand that you are given access to all the materials in the class in its entirety, including private access to groups designed for this class. If you miss a payment, cancel, and void or discontinue payments you are subject to late payment fees, collections and/or legal action.

Privacy Policy:

Your personal and confidential information is strictly confidential and will not be shared or sold to any other person or entity.