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The Birth of My Spirit Woman

Posted on August 10, 2015 at 3:55 PM Comments comments (2)

As I sit and think about the birth of Feminist Wicca I imagine the laughter and feelings of the women who met that very first time in California and the two ex-nuns from Virginia who wrote The Feminist Book of Light and Shadows as told by Z Budapest in her Holy Book of Women's Mysteries. Did they know that today we would be gathering and spreading the Goddess like wild fire? Were they aware that women would gather in great number under the Susan B Anthony Coven #1? As my mind wonders back into a time of free love and peace I myself wonder what it felt like actually being part of that first circle; fresh, young and ready to share the Goddess with like-minded women. It’s as if I can travel back to those first years as women stood sky clad on top of that hill it reminds me of when I first found Feminist Wicca.

The birth of my Spirit Woman…

Coming from deep within me was a call, a call different to the one I had been listening to for years. It was deeper, more connected, this call. My soul listened to that call from the Redwoods of California. What I was hearing was the birth of Feminist Wicca within my soul the calling for sisters to the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1. As always the Goddess leads us to what we are in alignment with, to our souls purpose little did I know that this was the beginning of my journey.

During spring of 2012 I started reconnecting to my divine purpose after I was laid off. I spent my time in nature, that which was familiar to me to sort out my feelings. I spent several weeks trying to figure out my purpose and what I was doing in this big old world. I knew my life was about to change when my husband said to “Do what makes you happy”, when talking about my next avenue of success. I remember that conversation well because it was the first time I felt that my life was mine. It was up to me to control my destiny, to be what I wanted and not what the patriarchal society I was raised in decide for me. What was I to do with myself? Should I go back to school and become a professional? I decided to run away. I fled my home to that of my in-laws in Rhode Island to connect with nature, lay on the side of their lake in the cool grass, drive the short distance to stare endlessly at the Ocean and figure out my new life. It was here that I began a new direction and began to listen to my soul’s purpose, at 34 years old, my Inner Light took over, I was reborn on the banks of that lake.


Like a caterpillar I crawled out of my old paradigm to rebuild myself and emerge as a beautiful butterfly while there. I was lead to new spiritual teachers and came back home to begin my new spiritual life. I dove into divination deeper than I had ever before and decided to learn some healing modalities too. Life suddenly was renewed It was as if the switch was on. When I first heard of the Goddess Festival I knew without a doubt that’s where I was supposed to be. I grabbed my spot and booked my flight and awaited the magical weekend. While on that flight I sang over and over the Charge of the Star Goddess and wrote poetry of the calling I had heard. I eagerly jumped on the goddess bus to our sacred spot in the Redwoods embracing the other women on the bus, making new sacred connections. I felt alive again!

Those three days and two nights changed me even more as I danced under the stars, chanted and hummed with the hive and was bound to those women as I had been many times before in another space and time. The herstory of the continued reclaiming of the Goddess is far more important than you may realize. It is not just for us but for the women that will come after us, so that they may see all the struggles many generations have went through and will continue to go through for our rites our worship and our great love of the mother. May the Goddess lead you to your alignment!

Photo was taken at the 2012 Goddess Festival after joining the Susan B. Anthony Coven #1 just months prior.


Photo Credit: Sharon McCarthy

Youniquely Woman,

Crystal Starshine


Three or Four Fold Goddess?

Posted on April 2, 2015 at 6:00 PM Comments comments (2)

A simple questions was asked in a Facebook group that I am in that hit all the triggers today and my mind and my spirit were thinking of all the reasons why the Four Fold makes more sense to me. I have always felt connection to the Three fold Goddess in her aspects Maiden, Mother and Crone but when I look at the Four Fold of Maiden, Mother, Queen and Crone my internal gut knowing pings with excitement. The fourth fold being that in between space of being a mother and being a crone.

I resonate with that Four Fold and the Queen for many reasons. We as beautiful Goddess Women are connected to our loving Grandmother Moon and ebb and flow along with her. She herself has four cycles of life and even Mama Gaia has four seasons so why wouldn't a woman have four?
I lost my only pregnancy fifteen years ago when I was in my twenties, I wanted so deeply to be a mother and tried almost every thing to become one. Fertility doctors, surgery, fertility drugs without avail. Now that I am in my later thirties I don't have this same desire to bear children. However, I did always feel a disconnect because I never could claim the title as mother and felt left out and that I would skip an aspect. I know now that I didn't skip the mother aspect at all. I was indeed a Mother to the child that never came into life and to the step children I was given with my second marriage.

I am in that Queen phase of my life, past the mother years and on edge of menopause which has been knocking on my door for what seems like years. I have always had a grumpy menstrual cycle coming and going as she pleased. The longest time I had between cycles was 18 months and the shortest was 2 weeks. They say 12 consecutive months of not having a cycle you are considered a Crone. Well what if your menstrual blood comes back like mine has over and over again? I have the waves of heat, vaginal dryness, lack of sex drive that many perimenopausal women have and switch it right back to being a sex crazed twenty something.
When I think about the Queen aspect I don't immediately think of power or statue I think of that deep knowing I feel within me. The understanding of the cycles of life where I no longer fear death and have deep understanding of the earlier cycles. I see the younger generations going through the same exact life lessons as I did. I see the cycles that all life inevitably must go through. We can't and don't skip any part of it.

The Queen is a woman who stands in her very own power, knowing where she has been and where she will go. She moves confidently into any part of her life with the understanding of life cycles that she didn't know in her Maiden or Mother aspect. She is the one who stands firmly in her beliefs and has no problem sharing it with others. She smiles and loves her every wrinkle and loves that her breasts are no longer perky. She is the essence of beauty within and without.





Girls Night Out Red Tent Event

Posted on March 26, 2015 at 8:35 AM Comments comments (0)

It's almost here... Girls Night Out with special Guest Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost creatrix of The Red Tent Movie: Things We Don't Talk About.

When I first thought about opening a Red Tent for women I was terrified, wondering if anyone else was feeling the need to circle in a Red Tent and heal the womb and all that women have suffered from. I spoke about it for months, shared my ideas and finally opened the doors. Our first Red Tent was February 2014. It is such a humbling experience to invite women into a Red Tent and help them find that all wounds can be healed and that they are beautiful and worthy of friends, love and self acceptance. Through this journey over the past year + I have met some amazing women, shared tears with them, helped them through their struggles, and witnessed them blossom and flower into confident women. Humbling indeed.

Now that I have had the Red Tent open for women to gather we have reached out to Dr. Isadora Leidenfrost so that she can share her movie, knowledge and add this Red Tent to the map. There are many Red Tents available throughout the World and I encourage you take a peek at . Friday March 27th from 6-9pm Dr. Isadora will be with us in person and we will get to share, circle, embrace, and renew. Let's us gather, let us heal and let us be stonger women.

The best part about a Red Tent is that for those few hours that we gather you are free to be who you are with no judgement, sharing anything and everything your heart desires. Come join us! Tickets are available at

Still curious about The Red Tent Movement watch this video about the Youniquely Woman Red Tent.

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With all my Love,

Crystal Starshine

Merry Imbolc and Full Moon in Leo

Posted on February 2, 2015 at 4:45 PM Comments comments (0)

Most people associate today with the cute little fuzzy Groundhog coming out of his underground burrow to see his shadow and run back into the burrow for another long six weeks of winter, or make his way out to consume the immerging greens of spring. As I sit and type this I realize that the Famous Groundhogs are all male; Puxatawney Phil and General Beau Lee. HMMM, was this patriarchy's way of taking away the Goddess from Imbolc?

On this Imbolc day we celebrate and give thanks to the Goddess Brigid the diviner, she was that which we called upon to tell us of an early spring. Saturday my sisters gathered for our Sabbat Ritual and teachings and we celebrated Brigid and called her to come in as we watched our fire burn. We sang, chanted, hummed, cried and laughed with her as she graced us all that evening. Today as I sat in my comfy chair sipping my morning brew like usual I stared out into my woods and watched how Mother Nature and Brigid came to me and divined the season.

As I sat watching I noticed the weather, the blustery cold winds were coming with a vengeance grabbing huge amounts of leaves from the forest floor and moving them about, revealing the ground beneath. Under the leaves were hues of greens immerging from their winter slumber. I smiled big and my heart swelled knowing that Brigid was with me as I sipped my coffee, showing me that we would be seeing spring soon.

Brigid lies within us all and can be honored in many ways so on this Imbolc do something creative, light a candle, or cook a good meal. Don’t overthink; let your intuition guide you on ways to celebrate.

We also have this wonderful approaching Full Snow Moon in Leo on the 3rd. This is a great time to start sowing your above ground vegetables seeds indoors. It’s a great time to transplant as well, so, if you have a tree, shrub or even an indoor plant, now is the time to move it.

On a personal level we are still in the immerging state so don’t feel pressure to have everything up and running full speed. It is still time to nurture yourself so keep learning, reading and doing yoga and meditation, so that you can be ready for your immergence too. Clean out closets, start your spring cleaning and get ready for Ostara.

Blessed Be.


OMGoddess Mercury Retrograde...

Posted on January 22, 2015 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (1)

Holly shit ballz new moon then mercury retrograde to follow. My head is spinning...... Help me, I'm melting.....

Usually I do totally freak out when mercury retrograde comes in and it does leave my head spinning in a soupiness of madness. I manage to have all the communication issues (thanks) and the computer issues that this reverse direction generally causes. Not all hit me at once it's generally just a slam of one issue after the other. Luckily, I have my trusty wits to kick mercury in the ballz this time. Learning how they affect me each time and trusting my own intuition has helped me pull through the energy shifts and calculating my business movements.

I find that trusting my intuition has proved to work 10 fold. So here I was yesterday staring at the computer screen thinking how the heck am I going to get through this when literally my head is spinning with tons of ideas, yet I can't even spit them out. GRRRR, so frustrating! So what do I do, SURRENDER. I throw in the towel, not giving up, just redirecting my attention. I moved outdoors, focused my energy on my herbs and connected to the reemergence of the plant life and stripped away some of the death from the past years crops. The weather has been warm so I have spent my days mostly outside enjoying the much needed vitamin d. This seemed to clear the soupiness in my mad and crazy mind and got my creative juices flowing.

My guides were screaming to create, so I pulled my paints out, my feathers, my antlers, some jewelry wire, arrowheads, crystals, leather scraps and made a big huge pile of messiness in my office floor and art table. Then I turned on some music that moved my spirit and went to work creating. It seems almost every time mercury goes retrograde I turn to some form of art. I find that the surrender of focusing so freaking hard to what I feel I am supposed to do as an entrepreneur eases my mercury retrograde blues. Putting my energy into beautiful pieces of art soothes every ounce of my spirit and of course lots and lots of tea.

Here is one creation that is still a work in progress. The newest Altar/Trinket box.