Crystal Starshine Fire Fox

Crystal Starshine 
               Fire Fox 

Learn a little about Crystal Starshine

Crystal was born and raised in the Pacific Northwest and has a great love and deep connection with nature. She remembers talking with her Spirit Guides & Angels as a young child and always felt protected by them. Crystal knew at a young age that she had an intuitive gift and has used it to help guide her throughout her life. On her own at 16 she started working full time in order to survive. In search of herself as a young adult Crystal attended many different religious churches and never felt at home. In 1999 she found her Pagan path thanks to a loving sister who walked into her place of business in search of a job. Wouldn't you know she hired her on the spot and a forever friendship evolved?

In 2000 she gave all her belongings away and moved to the North Georgia Mountains where she continued educating herself on religious views, history and spiritual practices. In 2007 Crystal went through a vast transformation period and decided to pursue happiness and learn more about herself. During this time she found her husband and started helping him grow his business. In the spring of 2012 Crystal took a huge leap of faith and followed her intuition and guides and launched her business Starshine Healing LLC, creating the Starshine Healing Academy where she began teaching students Psychic Development, Life Coaching and Reiki.

In 2016 Crystal attended Venus Rising Association for Transformation and began her journey as a Shamanic Minister and Shamanic Breathwork™ Facilitator also receiving her Bachelors Degree in Sacred Elemental Studies through Venus Rising's University. She also was ordained as a High Priestess in the Sisterhood of Tribal Priestesses furthering her work with the Goddess. 

This year Crystal opened the Goddess Temple of Venus Rising a non-profit 501c3 Religious Orginization where she holds space for all those ready to find the Goddess within and without and to help one in developing higher consciousness through workshops, rituals and sacred space.

Crystal has an infinite love of teaching and helping people grow to their fullest potential. She reaches out to all and helps them to remove the blocks through healing work, Shamanic Breathwork™, coaching and so much more. She helps them to realize that they too can love themselves and find their inner calm. She holds monthly women’s Red Tent events and holds space for a group of women, The Sisterhood of the Trees, on the sabbats. 

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