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Crystal Starshine 
               Fire Fox 

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I'm Crystal Starshine an Oracle and Priestess, a being who remembers my true self, and the nature of my origins as Love. I remember my interconnectedness and communicate with plants, animals and nature. I inherently know how to travel between the worlds or dimensions to gather wisdom, speak to beings or guides in those states and bring the messages, sounds, signs, or symbols back to this world. I am both a time traveler and timeless. I easily move in and out of altered states as a vehicle and birthright. I hear and heed the voice of my own heart  and am naturally led to be an example of this to assist others in reconnecting with the wisdom of their own hearts. 

I love to help women unearth their true selves by showing them that they too are a Goddess within. I am the Facilitating Priestess of the Goddess Temple of Venus Rising which hosts the Youniquely Woman Red Tent and a sacred sisterhood. I also gather women for the annual Youniquely Woman Retreats.  

Find out more about me and the events and workshops I have scheduled or contact me. 

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